Teen Titans – Issue 1

18teen Titans

Teen Titans may not be relatable characters, but many of their concerns mirror those shared by many teens today. Like real teens, Teen Titans watch over their city, monitor supervillains, iron their capes and aim to achieve the highest score possible in videogames. Furthermore, like real teenagers they face problems related to attention seeking, authenticity issues, projection and projecting themselves as protectors.

In this issue, the Titans find themselves under attack from Le Blanc and his gang of criminals, led by Le Blanc himself. Although their efforts take quite some time (with Kid Flash being caught by an invisible force field and Wonder Girl losing her lasso to Le Blanc), eventually Kid Flash frees himself and stops Le Blanc before finally stopping the Crown Thief in a subway tunnel.

After this scene, the focus shifts back to the primary story arc wherein a mystery mole within Marleyan military has been secretly leading Restorationists against their military. Kruger, one of Public Security Bureau members who beat Grisha as a child before watching him board an airplane to Paradis Island was revealed as Kruger. After betraying both parents, he became one of Marleyan’s most dangerous assets.

Grisha confronts Kruger about their treatment of Eldians who can turn into Titans; Grisha claims they are generally disdained for whatever transgression their ancestors committed in the past. Grisha attempts to convince him otherwise but Kruger shoves him off the wall to be eaten by one of his Titans as punishment – much to Grisha’s displeasure.