Love Island Star Gemmaene Opens Up About Her Self-Harm

Gemmaene Charm was raised sheltered due to her family’s magic powers and has an innate knack for healing – helping her younger siblings when they find themselves fighting among themselves. Gemma also has telepathic abilities which she struggles to keep under control.

She made her TOWIE debut back in 2012 and since has gone on to publish two best-selling autobiographies, host personalised podcasts and even have her own charity Christmas single in aid of Children in Need. However, throughout all this success there have been some obstacles along the way – including bullying and being robbed as a teenager.

Gemma has recently experienced online harassment over her weight, which she often posts about on social media. Tonight (January 23), viewers will witness Gemma discuss something she has never addressed publicly: her battle with self harm.

On Love Island, Gemma was paired up with Luca Bish who has been seen questioning her about her father Michael Owen who played football for England. Fans speculate that Bish might have an attraction towards Gemma due to this knowledge – although many have taken to Twitter questioning his motives behind his intense interest in Gemma.