Red Room Teens

Discord, the digital communication platform, has quickly gained in popularity among teenagers. Offering communities for anything from video gaming to school administration and permitting users to create private channels (called servers ) with specific permissions and rules for each channel (called servers ), Discord offers something for every young user.

Discord, like other social media, can provide access to adult content, spam and phishing scams; however, it also offers many features designed to make it safer for young users – from built-in privacy and safety settings, mutes on desktop notifications to hosting “listening sessions” with National Parent Teacher Association chapters to increase awareness about its features and practices.

At first, many parents were concerned about Discord’s role in child sexual abuse and grooming. Unlike Facebook, Discord doesn’t vet the servers its users join – anyone can create them. Although Discord monitors servers for violations to their terms of service or reports of inappropriate content, smaller, less moderated servers often don’t verify age verification so children under 13 could join.

Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Chatroom explored cyberbullying and online communities that led to real life suicides. Caprica featured virtual reality-based voyeuristic murder clubs while Fifty Shades of Grey movie presented a fictional red room setting for questionable BDSM relationships.