Teen Nude Taboo

Some have questioned my decision to write about nudity, but for me it seemed natural. After years of writing serious books, it was great fun working on something more lighthearted–and perhaps sexier–than usual!

As I researched my book, I was taken aback at how often teenage nudity is an everyday occurrence. They’re used to seeing naked bodies all around them–in newspapers photos, movies, TV shows and pornography alike–while also being aware of physical differences between boys and girls, with growing vocabulary for describing themselves and their own body parts.

But, what about sexual taboos? There are many, such as:

Stigmatization and Isolation: People who break sexual taboos may face social disapproval or isolation from friends and family members who they encounter, which can be particularly harmful for people living in poverty or people of color who are more vulnerable to abuse or neglect. This situation may become especially detrimental when abuse or neglect are involved.

Limited Sexual Education: Taboos may limit individuals’ access to comprehensive sexual education, leaving them without enough information on consent, contraception and safe sex practices – something which could result in unintended pregnancies, STDs and other health risks.

Taboos Regarding Age of Consent and Statutory Rape: Laws regarding the legal age at which adults may engage in sexual activity vary considerably; taboos also exist around relationships involving significant age gaps, interracial/intercultural interactions and non-heteronormative gender identities.