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Teens Nudes Telegram is an open platform where you can access nude photos and videos – both public and private – from all across the web. Search options allow for easy navigation based on tags, keywords or channels – or join groups dedicated to these topics for additional material access.

Nude photos have become an increasingly popular online activity, with some users exchanging them for sexual gratification or using them as revenge porn. While sharing nonconsensual intimate images may not have malicious intent behind its dissemination, the long-term impacts can still have serious repercussions for all involved.

Sensity AI (formerly Deeptrace Labs) recently conducted a study which revealed that software known as deepfake is being utilized to generate and distribute fake nudes on Telegram messenger. The bot has been discovered in multiple chat groups where individuals request galleries of nude photos; many believed to depict underage girls.

Researchers observed that use of this bot had increased by 198 per cent since last year and is being utilized to post “stripped” images of girls for public shaming or extortion purposes. This coincides with an increase in cases of revenge porn during lockdown sessions; instances of intimate image abuse have skyrocketed 22 per cent this year alone.