Teenstarlet Vanessa

Teenstarlet Vanessa hails from a family passionate about food and the outdoors. With a natural talent for performance and hard work ethic that have propelled her career in audio/visual (AV), Vanessa has made herself known with her beauty and effortless voice gaining the respect of many industry professionals.

Vanessa has already experienced the difficulty of balancing career and school despite being young. With an ambitious drive for success and hopes that she will establish herself within her industry. Vanessa hopes to help improve parent-teen relationships by offering unique perspectives, stories and neutral spaces where teens can express themselves freely.

Vanessa began her acting career by participating in theater plays. Later she transitioned to television starring roles on Quintuplets, Cover Me and in the TV movie The Brooke Ellison Story as well as appearing briefly in TeenNick summer dance series The Nightlife.

Vanessa also enjoys playing sports and visiting the gym, having competed in several gymnastics competitions and traveling extensively. Vanessa has worked as a model for multiple companies as well as being seen in commercials for Old Navy and Blockbuster.

She recently auditioned for Skins (2007), the debut series for E4. With determination and natural talent she stood out among other teenage actresses at audition. With so much success ahead she is thrilled to have taken this step towards success!