The Man Behind Creepshot Teen

An Alabama teacher is under investigation by police after taking inappropriate images of his female students and posting them online for his own voyeuristic amusement.

Creepshots, or nonconsensual photos or videos taken without consent and sold without their knowledge, typically depicting women’s buttocks or breasts, have become an increasingly prevalent form of nonconsensual pornography, often by men in private homes or while out and about on the streets. Although technically this constitutes nonconsensual pornography, its prevalence has only become more rampant with technology making it simpler than ever for them to take such images of unsuspecting female subjects in private homes or while out and about on public streets – making these creepshots an increasingly pervasive form of nonconsensual pornography but without being aware.

After Reddit banned one of its subreddits dedicated to “creep shots”, Tumblr has seen an outpouring of similar posts by users, Motherboard reports. Simply typing “creepshots” in its search function brings up numerous tagged posts; quick Google queries reveal even more dedicated sites.

Creepshot Teen, despite being a premium site, delivers plenty of tantalizing sexual treats for its visitors. The gallery showcases images featuring natural-looking tits and asses — many appearing to belong to young teens — in high resolution photographs from standard quality to standard definition; more are promised soon enough!

Michael Brutsch of Texas was identified as the man behind Reddit’s ‘Creep Shots’ forum after it came under scrutiny following a campaign to shut it down. Brutsch, known on Reddit by his username ‘Violentacrez’, claimed to be working as a computer programmer at an Arlington financial services company.