The Subreddit r/LegalTeens


For those craving skinny girls with tight bodies, the subreddit r/LegalTeens provides the perfect remedy. Unlike pornography sites where it may be hard to verify performers are of legal age, this group enforces stringent moderation to stop people posting any images that could get them in trouble with authorities. Plus there’s lots of variety here with pictures featuring tits, puss and booty as well as attractive models who don’t have to be extremely small in order to look great!

The site enforces several rules designed to maintain an appropriate atmosphere: they don’t permit reposting images over and over again and ban sexual acts; but if you want to view an image of someone’s titties over and over again, all it takes is scrolling down – there is an infinite scroll feature so just keep clicking until your heart’s content.

There are various reasons for why people search for images of barely legal teenagers. While certain pornography labeled as “teen porn” clearly states the performers are over eighteen, most searches on websites such as Pornhub can return images that would be illegal to share under any circumstance. Furthermore, as most people know, prostitution generally begins at under-18 age so monitoring legislation surrounding prostitution is key – recent US research found the average age at which someone became pregnant from a teen prostitute was just 15 despite most states having laws which define teenage pregnancy as criminalized crime against children.